About Beyond Pure

Our Story

Years ago, a young man picked up a bucket and a squeegee and spent his summers serving neighbors, cleaning windows best he could. Years later, his father came accross a new chemical free method using ultra pure water. That sounded great! The only problem… It was more than he could afford, a pretty large investment for a summertime gig. Another year passed, and out of the desire to serve that young man took the plunge and invested in his first system. The results were incredible! He served twice as many people as the year before and was able to do so much more. After the first year starting his own small business in Hawaii, he was working for an academy as a music teacher and met the acquaintance of Marlen Resiwain, the mother of two of his music students who requested her windows to be cleaned. She was beyond impressed at the results and suggested getting investors to be able to expand. It just so happened that his father had just called and had another great idea for cleaning the inside of the windows and introduced him to a revolutionary mineral based product that turns the windows into powerful air purifiers! Within a few weeks she organized a group meeting. With passion in his heart he shared the vision, they heard it loud and clear and became the alliance of Beyond Pure Windows.

Now it is our mission to create a healthy, clean and pure environment for future generations.